Property Listing Service

Reach Thousands of Real Estate Investors

Have a great investment opportunity but short on time?

Allow us to create and upload your property listing. We’ll work with you to make sure that:

  • All of your property’s financial information is entered correctly
    • You can choose to give us as little or as much data as you would like
  • We’ll add up to 8 property pictures for you
  • We’ll personalize the contact information and PDF report to include your own picture/ logo and tagline

After you have approved the listing we create for you, we’ll then:

  • Make the property public on so that users around the world can view it and contact you directly
  • Send an email and push notification to all registered users within 100 miles of your listing that your property is now available for review. (Over 4,000 real estate investors around the world have already registered to be notified by us.)
  • Allow the property to be available for up to 6 months
    • You can choose to have us take down the property at any time
All of this for the low cost of only $19.99 per property listing. (That’s probably less than it costs to make a simple lawn sign.)

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