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Real Estate Investing Analyst

A few app highlights for real estate investors brokers partners or financing companies

Analyze Cash Flows

Create detailed cash flow analyses for investment properties and project income for up to 35 years.

Target Valuation Metrics

Target an offer price based on a target internal rate of return (IRR), cash on cash return, capitalization rate, or price per square foot.

Share & Download Investment Properties

Share your cash flow projections with other users around the world to find buyers and partners. Download investment property data created by other users to discover opportunities.

Test Funding Likelihood

View potential viability of financing structures based on bank loan asset quality metrics using the app's Financing Likelihood Indicator (green, yellow, or red).

Create Professional Presentations

Distribute professional presentations as PDFs over text or email

Project Taxes & Depreciation

Probably the only real estate app that includes income tax projections and building depreciation.

Available on both iPhone & iPad

Perfect for making important investment decisions on the go

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